Press Clipping
State Department Program Brings International Musicians To Boise

Twenty-five international musicians are trying to practice diplomacy through music. If that seems like an impossible task, tell that to OneBeat fellow Sayun Chang. Chang is a percussionist from Taiwan, and OneBeat is the name of a traveling musical fellowship through the State Department.

“It’s so important for us to use what we’re good at to make a good influence in this world," says Chang. "And by working with a group of like-minded artists, I think we can make this a very positive force.”

Other fellows come from Belarus, Morocco, Colombia and the United States – to name a few. They’re performing for free Tuesday at the Linen Building in downtown Boise.

“We were really excited to see how the city embraces arts and culture," Park says. "It seems like everybody’s working together to elevate the arts and music culture in Boise.”

That’s Elena Moon Park – one of the directors of the OneBeat program. She says they connected with people from Treefort Music Fest when they were planning this year’s program, and that it didn’t take much convincing to put Boise on their schedule.

Wednesday they make stops at the Record Exchange, Rhodes Skate Park and the Olympic venue as well. They’re headed to Jackson Hole and Fort Collins next as they close out their four-week tour.